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Former division one athletes who played at Indiana University and Butler University. They know what it takes to be star players and reach the next level. Using their degrees in Human Movement & Health Sciences and Physical Therapy, they help create custom programs for young athletes like yourself.

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Workout Plans

Get personalized monthly training programs designed to help you hit your athletic goals.


Personal Training

1 on 1 training that includes nutrition plans, check-ins, and visuals. This is a complete program for you to be a step above the competition.

1 Month
Sports Performance

Not only do you get everything from our personal training program, you get specific tips and workouts for your sport on a month to month basis. Don’t be average, be GREAT.

3 Months Sports

Work with our expert trainers to make you the best possible athlete in your specific sport with a complete training program for 3 months.

Outshine your competition as you build on your skills to be bigger, faster, and better than anyone else on the field.