How To Narrow Down Your College List

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Recruiting Help

Wondering how to narrow down your college list? It can be daunting with the amount of choices you have. With athletics on your mind, it can be that much harder to pick the best school for your needs. We have the best ways to narrow down your college list with 4 different categories.


Firstly, academics is very important to look at whether you play sports or not. Setting yourself up for success after college is extremely important. We have seen many athletes that have to stop playing because of injuries, playing time frustrations, or other reasons. With not being a student athlete anymore, they quit or have to transfer schools because they don’t like the school enough without athletics. It is also important to remember, not everyone can make it to the professionals to make the big money, so having a good education can be a safety net for you.


On the athletics side, facilities are a big part in the decision. You will hopefully be playing at this school for the 3-5 years. If you don’t like the equipment, locker room, practice facilities, and/or stadium; then it might not be right for you. Now if it is only minor issues, don’t cut the school out just because they are an Under Armour school and you like Nike or vice versa. It can also be worth the question for your recruiting coach if you love the school but not a certain part of the facility, “when was the last update to your facilities” or “will these be updated anytime soon?”

Coaches & Players

You will be building strong relationships with your coaches and teammates throughout the next few years. While you can’t get a complete sense of who they are, use visits and communications with your recruiting coach to understand the program as best you can. It never hurts asking your college guide why they decided to play for this school on a visit or asking the coach what kind of culture the program tries to achieve. A lot of these people will be your new best friends, mentors, or support group as you navigate college. If you don’t feel comfortable with your position coach or players on the team, it is wise to move on to another school.

Gut Feeling

Should you listen to your gut? Absolutely. If you have to convince yourself for hours that you like a school, then it probably isn’t worth you going there. If you go on a visit and fall in love with everything, then it might be the right school for you. BUT DON’T MAKE THE FINAL DECISION YET. Place that school at the top of your list and maintain strong communication with them as you check out other schools. Don’t commit to a school after falling in love with them because there always could be a better place in the future. This is especially true if you are still early on in your search.

We hope these 4 categories can help you narrow down your college list. We know it can be a struggle to pick what is best for you so f you have any questions, please reach out to us!